Q: How do I know my child needs help with their sleep habits?

A: Here are some signs:

My child is over 4 months of age and:

  • can’t fall asleep on his own and wakes up through out the night
  • needing me to soothe him back to sleep
  • has difficulty falling and staying asleep
  • takes short and unpredictable naps
  • wakes up crying and is very irritable
  • is refusing naps

My toddler:

  • wakes up tired
  • has started climbing out of the crib
  • has started refusing naps
  • is ready to transition to a big boy bed and I want to prepare him
  • has started getting out of bed throughout the night
  • is exhibiting behavior’s I’ve never seen because he is tired … I feel like I’m missing something


Q: Why can’t I just pick up any book, read it, implement the strategy it describes and put my child on the schedule is suggests?

A: For several reasons:

Many books don’t take into consideration:

  • your child’s temperament, the strategies you have used in the past, your lifestyle or your parenting philosophies
  • the biological sleep needs of your child
  • your specific goals for your unique child
  • all the components of sleep that need to come together to create long term success

By hiring me as your child’s sleep consultant I take all the above and design an individualized plan that is easy to follow, all while providing support and encouragement the entire way.


Q: Do I have to jut let my child just cry it out?

A: Absolutely not! Cry It Out – also known as the extinction method  – is one of many methods, but is not the only one.  I work with you to tailor a plan that is specific to the unique needs of your child and what you feel comfortable with. Sleep methods are designed to teach your child to self soothe – to fall asleep without your assistance. There are a dozen different ways to do that. I can’t guarantee your child won’t cry at all. Crying is there way of communicating and making changes to their sleep habits is unfamiliar to them. I will work with you to create a plan that’s right for you and your family.


Q: What makes you a sleep expert?

A: I have had sleep challenges with my own children that I have conquered. I have helped many friends with their children’s sleep struggles. I am certified through the Family Sleep Institute and received one-on-one instruction with its founder, Deborah Pedrick – also co-founder of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants. Throughout my certification course I complete over 70+ hours of training. I attend continuing education classes and seminars with other consultants around the world. I am qualified to work with children from newborns through age 5, as well as multiples and children with special needs.


Q: How long will the training process be?

A: It is important that you follow the plan we agree upon and are consistent with your child. If you do so, it typically takes one to two weeks. The older your child is the longer you should expect training to take. It takes months to develop healthy sleep habits so it will not be an overnight fix.  Your child will have to unlearn old sleep habits and replace them with new sleep habits. But anything worth having or enjoying (a rested family) requires practice, diligence, and patience. With my help we will do it as painless as possible. I guarantee to support you and give you the tools you need to be successful throughout the process.


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Our Sleep Consultants are here to provide you with emotional and educational support to help your baby or toddler with their sleep needs. Our philosophy is that there isn't one program or method approach to sleep training. We don't choose one over another. Our goal is to work with you and set up a Sleep Plan that you are comfortable with to help your baby or toddler become a GREAT sleeper. We find what works for you and your family. The nightmare of sleepless nights is over, and a new day has dawned! Whether you are a first time parent, a been-there-done-that parent, or a parent of multiples, you and your child are about to start a wonderful sleep journey and we can't wait to join you!

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