Alyson is exactly the expertise and support that I needed to help myself, my young toddler, and my family navigate the path to healthy sleep habits. She is a pleasure to work with; she has great energy and is a very positive, caring, and clear communicator. She problem solved our long-established poor sleep habits and gave us options for solutions. Once we agreed on a path, she created a comprehensive plan that was great to refer back to and also to share with my husband. She supported me through ending the night nursing, advanced crib escapes, a temporary living situation with a less than optimal sleeping setup, and my very exhausted state…. the list goes on. Barking dogs, sound machines, sleep sacks, toddler beds, baby proofing, monitors- Alyson knows what will work for our little ones based on their temperaments and our home and family dynamics. I highly recommend her for a quick consult or a major intervention- she is amazing.

Rhian – Houston, TX


KristinaAri was never a horrible sleeper, but she was addicted to her swing and completely unable to put herself to sleep without nursing. The final straw was the night it took more than 2 hours to coax her to sleep. I was determined to help Ari learn to put herself to sleep and nap properly.

Alyson was very considerate of my lifestyle, but also adamant that Ari needed at least two naps a day as opposed to the one she was taking. We discussed sleeping schedules (need to be predictable), bedtimes/wake times (need to be early), and nap times (need to be restful). She provided very clear, evidence based advice that persuaded me to make sure Ari began taking a mentally restorative morning nap, which would help her with her sleep throughout the day and night.

Being type-A, I carefully charted her sleep times, cry times, and wake times. It only took a few days for her to get into a good rhythm, and within a few weeks she really seemed to understand that naptime was 9am and 1pm, and bedtime was bedtime. Suddenly my life felt a little more predictable, and my baby seemed far better rested.

Alyson was great to work with. She was emotionally supportive and always willing to answer my questions as they came up. I’m a data-driven type of person, and she was able to seamlessly shift her advice from emotional to rational as needed. Ari may have ended up sleeping through the night on her own eventually, but Alyson’s guidance helped me get there as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Kristina – Houston, TX

AdrianaAt four months old our son, Jaeson, would wake up almost every hour throughout the night, making everyone very tired and frustrated. This went on for about 2 months, until I reached out to Alyson for help.
Every time Jaeson cried we would try to soothe him by giving him a pacifier or rocking him back to sleep. We would let Jaeson sleep in his swing or high chair expecting him to fall asleep on his own. Needless, to say that was not working. We learned that he was not getting restful naps and he didn’t know how to self soothe. Alyson gave us a schedule and plan to follow. Because of our busy schedules sometimes it was difficult, but through it all,Alyson was very supportive and helpful. She was always available when we had questions and doubts.
Two months later, Jaeson knows how to self soothe, sleeps 11 consecutive hours at night and takes scheduled naps. He is able to better self entertain, where before he was always whiny and needy. All that whining and neediness, would make it difficult and frustrating to get chores done around the house. It would also take time away from helping our 6 year old with homework. Jaeson is now a happier, well-rested baby. I have also bonded much better with him. I cannot thank Alyson enough for her help. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in children’s sleep. I am forever thankful that I reached out to her. I was truly “Sleepless in Miami”.

Adriana – Miami, FL

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